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Shipping Policy

Important to Know

At Senggol Mart, we are proud of our commitment to providing fresh products without preservatives. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the fastest delivery option so that the product arrives in the best condition.

Delivery Selection

We recommend that you choose the fastest delivery option according to the destination location to maintain product freshness.

Pay attention to the estimated delivery time when choosing an expedition service to ensure the product arrives in optimal condition.

Responsibility for Product Condition

Please note, as our products do not contain preservatives, we cannot be responsible for products arriving unfresh or stale due to delays in delivery.

Make sure you choose the most suitable delivery service to maintain product freshness.

Delivery process

Orders are processed on working days and according to the specified cutoff time.

Further details about the submission process can be found in the previous section of this policy.

Tracking and Inquiry

You will receive tracking information to monitor delivery.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our customer service.