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Referral Terms

As an official Senggol Mart referral, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement (Agreement). Please read this entire Agreement carefully before registering and promoting Senggol Mart as a Referral.

Your participation in this Program is solely to legally advertise our website to receive commissions from memberships and products purchased by individuals referred to Senggol Mart through your own website or personal referral.

By registering for the Senggol Mart Referral Program (Program), you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

Application Approval or Rejection

We reserve the right to approve or reject EVERY Referral Program Application in our absolute discretion and decision. You have no legal rights against us for rejection of your Referral Program Application.


Commission will be paid once a month. In order for a Referral to receive a commission, the referred account must remain active for a minimum of 31 days.

You cannot refer yourself, and you will not receive commission on your own account.

Payments will only be sent for transactions that have been successfully completed. Transactions that result in refunds or cancellations will not be paid.


Your referral application and status in the Program may be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons:

Inappropriate advertising (false claims, misleading hyperlinks, etc.).

Spamming (mass emails, mass newsgroup posts, etc.).

Advertise on sites that contain or promote illegal activities.

Failing to disclose a referral relationship for any promotion that qualifies as an endorsement under existing Federal Trade Commission guidelines and regulations, or applicable state law.

Violation of intellectual property rights. Senggol Mart reserves the right to request a license agreement from those who use the Senggol Mart trademark to protect our intellectual property rights.

Offer returns, coupons, or other forms of kick-back of your referral commission as an incentive. Adding bonuses or combining other products with Senggol Mart, however, is permitted.

Self-referral, fraudulent transactions, suspected Referral fraud.

In addition to the above, Senggol Mart has the right to terminate Referral accounts at any time, for violation of this Agreement or without reason.

Referral Link

You can use graphic and text links both on your website and in your email messages. You can also advertise the Senggol Mart site in online and offline classified ads, magazines and newspapers.

You can use the graphics and text we provide, or you can create your own as long as they are deemed appropriate under the conditions and not infringing as outlined in the Termination section.

Coupon and Deals Site

Senggol Mart occasionally offers coupons to certain referrals and to our newsletter subscribers. If you do not get approval/allocation of a branded coupon, then you are not allowed to promote that coupon. The following are the conditions that apply to every referral who considers our product promotions related to offers or coupons:

Referrals may not use misleading text on referral links, buttons, or images to suggest that there are special offers other than those currently permitted for a particular referral.

Referrals may not bid on Senggol Mart Coupons, Senggol Mart Discounts, or other phrases that imply coupons are available.

Referrals should not generate pop-ups, pop-unders, iframes, frames, or other visible or invisible actions that set referral cookies unless the user has expressed a clear and explicit interest in activating certain savings by clicking on the link, button, or image that clearly marked for specific coupons or offers. Your link should send visitors to the merchant’s site.

Users must be able to view coupon/offer/savings information and details before a referral cookie is set (e.g., “click here to see coupon and open window to merchant site” is NOT allowed).

Referral sites should not have the text “Click for (or view) Offer/Coupon” or variations thereof, when no coupon or offer is available, and the click opens the merchant’s site or sets a cookie. Referrals with such text on merchant landing pages will be immediately removed from the program.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Policy

PPC Bidding is NOT permitted without prior written permission.


Senggol Mart will not be liable for any indirect or incidental losses (loss of income, commissions) due to failure to track referrals, loss of database files, or the result of any intention to harm our Program and/or website.

We make no express or implied warranties regarding the Program and/or membership or products sold by Senggol Mart. We

does not claim that the operation of the Program and/or our website will be error free and we will not be liable for any interruptions or errors.

Agreement Validity Period

The term of this Agreement begins when you are accepted into the Program and will end when your Referral account is terminated.

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be modified by us at any time. If any modification to the terms and conditions of this Agreement is unacceptable to you, your sole option is to terminate your Referral account. Your continued participation in the Program will constitute your acceptance of any changes.


Referral will indemnify and hold harmless Senggol Mart and its affiliated and subsidiary companies, officers, directors, employees, licensors, successors and assigns, including those licensed or permitted by Senggol Mart to transmit and distribute the material, from all liabilities, losses, fines, judgments, claims, costs, losses, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and costs) arising from or related to all claims supported in connection with this Agreement due to the Referrer’s negligence, misunderstanding, failure to disclose, or willful intent.

Effective Electronic Signature

This agreement is an electronic contract that sets out the legal terms that bind your participation in the Senggol Mart referral program. You indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and all terms and conditions contained or referred to in this Agreement by completing the Senggol Mart application process. This action creates an electronic signature that has the same legal force and effect as a handwritten signature.