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Senggol Mart

Eat deliciously Hassle-free

Did you know, you don’t need to bother making sambal anymore? We’ve got a large variety of quality sambal for you 🥰 Let’s check out your favorite sambal here! Let’s start!😍

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Lidah Sapi New Zaeland Cabe Ijo
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Our 3 Key Points

Practical and Halal

Senggol mart offers an easy to carry option perfect for those of you who are always on-the-move.

Value for Money

Our vision is to be a quality, unique option with friendly prices

Contemporary and fun

Senggol mart has always been following the latest trends, for those of you who are young at heart and always looking for something new and exciting.

Latest Menu

Hey Sis, have you tried the new menu yet? Senggol Mart has a new menu, the taste of which will definitely make you curious! This is a golden opportunity for you to try something different and special. Just checkout directly and be one of the first to feel the excitement of our newest creation. Come on, don’t miss it!

Moment to Enjoy the Senggol Mart Menu

Hey Sis, Mimin has a recommendation, the most fun times to enjoy the exciting menus from Senggol Mart! No need to be confused anymore, follow Mimin’s advice and get ready for an authentic and fun flavor adventure. Come on, check out Senggol Mart’s selected menus and taste the deliciousness for yourself!

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When Traveling

Explore the world without worrying about being hungry, Senggol Mart is ready to accompany your adventure with appetizing flavors anywhere!


Character Work

When Working

Deadlines piling up? Don't worry, Senggol Mart is here to accompany you. Serve quickly, enjoy delicious food, work more productively!


Character Lazy

When Lazy to Move

Lazy to move but hungry? Senggol Mart is the solution! Open, heat, enjoy. Eat deliciously without the hassle. Maximum relaxing, fantastically full!


Character No Money

End of Month

End of month, thin pockets? Don't worry, Senggol Mart is here! Enjoy authentic deliciousness at low prices. Save your wallet!


Character Couple

During the Celebration

Celebrations are even more festive with Senggol Mart! Practical dishes, authentic Indonesian flavors, make parties easy and elegant!


Character Eid

During Holidays

Celebrate special moments with family and Senggol Mart. Enjoy togetherness with practical dishes that appeal to your taste buds!


Favorite Menu Options

Sis, let’s take a peek at the most favorite menu from loyal Senggol Mart customers! We bring unique Indonesian and Asian culinary delights that are guaranteed to make your dining experience extraordinary. These menus have proven to be a favorite of many people, you know. Don’t miss it, try it now and find out why they are a favorite at Senggol Mart!

Latest Articles

Sis, have you seen our latest article? There’s lots of exciting and up-to-date information waiting! Our articles are full of tips, tricks and insights that are sure to be useful. So, no need to hesitate, let’s immediately check our latest article and find out various interesting things that you don’t know yet. Happy reading!